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  • Which ferry should I take to get to Martha's Vineyard?
    There are 5 ferries to get to Martha's Vineyard - depending on where you are traveling from and whether you are taking your car or not. Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard High Speed & Car Ferry | The Steamship Authority - this is the most popular and the only ferry you can take your car on - although you WILL need a reservation - standby can take all day, (some days no standby), Thousands of people are traveling on this ferry - it is best to leave your car in the parking lot in Falmouth and walk on. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU CANNOT PARK IN WOODSHOLE WHERE THE FERRY IS.... they WILL tow you .... parking is located at two different spots - the closest is approx. 15 min away and they offer a free shuttle back and forth. For Martha's Vineyard Travelers While there is no dockside parking available at our Woods Hole terminal, there are several off-site lots in Falmouth. We encourage you to arrive an hour before your departure time, so you have the time you need to park your car and ride our free shuttle service to the terminal. For your convenience, all shuttle buses have bike racks, capable of accommodating two bikes during daylight hours. A bike shuttle bus is available every day throughout the summer season. Current/real-time parking lot information is readily available by logging onto our mobile website at, by calling our parking information line at (508) 457-7275 (PARK) or tuning into 1610 AM on your radio. This ferry ride is 45 minutes to the Vineyard. Island Queen Ferry • Martha's Vineyard Ferry - Second most popular, especially for those staying closer to Falmouth and the parking lot is right next door... makes getting to and from the ferry much easier... The drawback - compared to the Steamship Authority is there are fewer trips available. The trip takes approximately 35 minutes and offers an enclosed lounge or outside decks for passengers to relax and enjoy the scenic views of Vineyard Sound. The ferry is located at 75 Falmouth Heights Rd, Falmouth, MA, 02540 Hy-Line Cruises: Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard High-Speed Ferries ( - This ferry is especially convenient for those staying in the lower cape area (Hyannis, Yarmouth, etc). This link is perfect for your many questions: FAQs | Hy-Line Cruises ( New York City | New Jersey | Martha's Vineyard Getaway By Seastreak Ferry -- THIS FERRY ALSO HAS YEARROUND SERVICE FROM NEW BEDFORD, MA Seastreak is a leader in revitalizing fast passenger ferry services in the New York metropolitan area. We proudly offer high-speed catamaran services to points in Manhattan, central New Jersey, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and more with a fleet of robust vessels. In addition to commuter services to and from Manhattan and New Jersey, we offer an array of special events, sightseeing cruises and tours, daytrips, and getaways year round. In addition to our New York operations, we operate a seasonal ferry service (May through October) between New Bedford, Massachusetts and the port of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. The Martha’s Vineyard division operates daily service utilizing two high-speed catamaran ferries with capacity of up to 149 passengers. Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry – Rhode Island Fast Ferry -- a High-Speed Ferry to Martha's Vineyard, operating between Quonset Point, RI and Oak Bluffs, MV Rhode Island Fast Ferry is a water transportation company that provides ferry services to Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island. The company operates the largest and most luxurious fast ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, which departs from Quonset Point in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The ferry ride takes approximately 95 minutes and offers stunning views of Narragansett Bay and Vineyard Sound. The company also offers sightseeing cruises, offshore wind support, and lighthouse cruises.
  • Can I park at the Steamship Authority?
    NO!!!! Please be advised that you CAN NOT park in Woodshole at the Steamship Authority.... You WILL be towed.... Please park in one of the Steamship Authority Parking Lots available and take the FREE shuttle to the ferry (and back) Click on this link for directions, phone number and info: Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard High Speed & Car Ferry | The Steamship Authority 286 Palmer Ave - Google Maps
  • What if the ferry is diverted to Vineyard Haven because of weather?? Do you pick us up in Vineyard Haven??
    No..... All tours leave Oak Bluffs at 1 Seaview Ave If the ferry is diverted, we will know ahead of time and we will delay the tour until 11am... to give time to passengers to make their way to Oak Bluffs via the Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority, Uber, or Taxi It takes approx 10-15 minutes to get to Oak Bluffs (depending on traffic) We will be contacting reservations the night before for a pretrip check in.... we will also be keeping an eye on the weather for such delays or diversions. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • If we would like to get back to other areas we already toured, what is the best way?
    Vineyard Transit Authority tip: if getting on and off more than once, buy an all day pass (approx $9), you will save $$$
  • If the tour is canceled due to weather, is there a refund?
    Yes, a partial refund. We have a weather policy put in place to also protect ourselves... IF THE FERRIES ARE RUNNING, WE ARE RUNNING if the ferries are canceled due to the weather, and an alternative date cannot be made then a 50% refund will be made. If HomeGrown Tours cancels due to the weather a FULL refund will be made. example: it may be thundering and lightening and heavy down pours, but the ferry is running: we will not be touring due to the bad weather.... we will then refund fully! we keep a close eye on the weather daily and if bad weather is predicted, we stay in close contact with you to discuss what options you have. all refunds will be made on the 11th of each month
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    24 hour notice
  • How many times do we get off the bus?
    We have 2 scheduled step offs for dining, restroom, shopping and sightseeing There is another stop we try to make as long as there is availability for parking.... a lil hole in the wall Native American bakery .... very small area, most times available - but alot of times no parking.... and cannot turn around - its always a luck of the draw! keep your fingers crossed.... :) We have several stops along the way to learn more in depth history and photo ops.
  • How long are the step off stops and where??
    The first step off stop is in Menemsha, Chilmark A quaint lil fishing village 15 minutes The second stop (could be, as described in the other faqs) at the Orange Peel Bakery in Aquinnah 10 minutes The Second (or third) stop is The Gay Head Clay Cliffs and Lighthouse in Aquinnah 30 minutes
  • What type of vehicle do we tour in? And is Air Conditioned?
    We are the only tour company on Martha's Vineyard that has small shuttles Our cute lil shuttles offer a small group of 14 people There are huge windows which are great for sightseeing You can sit in comfy touring chairs without being cramped in small seats Ability to stand and walk around Our shuttles are definitely air conditioned
  • What makes you different than the other tour companies?
    HomeGrown Tours is the only interactive tour company on Martha's Vineyard. HomeGrown Tours is the only Wheelchair Accessible Tour Company on Martha's Vineyard We are the only tour company mostly anywhere that offers a screen at the front of the bus that shows what certain sites looked like in the days or yore AND we have a new digital sound system that will surprise you at the local JAWS sites on tour. We are the only Wheelchair Accessible Tour company! (probably anywhere that I can find.) We have successfully helped make Martha's Vineyard a more accessible place to visit Please contact us to let us know in advance if you need a wheelchair lift - thank you for your attention to this matter. AND WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN..... we share a ton of history, personal stories and so many photos to help you see how we grew as an island and as a community. When you leave us, you will have learned something new and exciting... our stories will make you laugh or maybe cry, but that's what makes us unique and very family oriented.
  • Are there private tours?
    Yes, we offer private tours for those that would rather not do a shared tour with others. We customize YOUR tour to what your desires are and what you would like to do most. Remember: our private tours are very laid back and relaxed. We also go where others don't go.... example: we will take you to the highest point on Martha's Vineyard - peaked hill - used to be a Laran station during the war to watch for boats and planes. Peaked Hill is 350 feet above sea level and overlooks all of Aquinnah.... It's a most beautiful spot.... or we take you on different roads to secret spots so fun to visit Most private tours are at least 4 hours and can be done at whatever time you choose, and we pick you up at your place of residence (hotel, private home, etc.) and drop you off where you choose.
  • Do you do other things than just tours?
    Yes!! We have a clamming gig - clients dig for clams (quahogs) and learn about how to collect (dig)or (rake), keep and cook and eat (some raw) We take photos and videos for your own lil album of clamming fun Kids LOVE this gig We provide the permits and all equipment This event is primarily for those that are staying in residences with cooking facilities... Lets chat.... 7743278192 We do transportation for Weddings, Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties, Bar Crawls, Kids Summer outings, Beach parties and Scavenger hunts.
  • Military Discount?
    Yes, we offer a military discount: You must provide an ID
  • Do we a need a ticket to get on??
    YES!!!!! you must provide a ticket whether its from your phone or you printed it out.... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TICKET, YOU CANNOT GET ON.... PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS For those that cannot get the ticket printed or other trouble acquiring it, please contact us immediately and we will help you.


This is the most popular tour to get an overall feeling of what MV is all about. Experience all the towns, rolling hills with ancient stone walls, beautiful vistas and breathtaking views. Fully narrated.  Please understand that besides our 24 hour cancelation policy, we also have a 50% weather policy to ensure our protection as well...  Thank you for your understanding ....


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HomeGrown Tours is the most unique tour company on Martha's Vineyard. Your tour is not only narrated by a 3rd generation Islander but it is also a hands on learning experience. I pass around items that relate to the Vineyard to get a feel of how we live here, I have a screen that shows what certain sites looked like in the 1800s, I offer cold bottled water and lite snacks and rain ponchos for those wet days. Our bus tours are fun, safe and full of history! Book privately and we go where other tours buses dont go. I treasure Martha's Vineyard and the history and beauty. Book a tour with us and make it the highlight of your vacation. Thank you for letting me show you where I live, you wont be disappointed.

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