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I'm a little bit of this and a little bit of that...


Welcome .... My name is Dolores Borza and I am a 3rd generation Islander with roots dating back to 1909. Thats when my great grandfather came here and bought a house to raise his family...  He then started a cobbler shop on Circuit Ave Oak Bluffs... 

I grew up with my grandparents and everything I learned, my Pepe taught me along with years of research.... I treasure the history and have many many favorites... There are also an abundant of personal stories that are funny, jaw dropping and also emotional, but they are what makes the tour come to life... We treat our clients like family... most of the time we leave each other with a hug and a lifetime friend. 

My dna says im 99% European, but I must say that the one percent of Portuguese is where my grandparents are keeping the history alive in me... 

I love sharing the history and beauty with everyone and appreciate the time given,  so I may do so.... Im honored to spread the love about our special and magical place... you will never forget time spent here and the team of HomeGrown Tours to make it everything you'd hoped it to be. 


4 reasons to book with us

Expert  Knowledge


Tailor-Made Holidays


Tours to fit your Schedule


100%  Money Protected

HomeGrown Tours is the most unique tour company on Martha's Vineyard. Your tour is not only narrated by a 3rd generation Islander but it is also a hands on learning experience. I pass around items that relate to the Vineyard to get a feel of how we live here, I have a screen that shows what certain sites looked like in the 1800s, I offer cold bottled water and lite snacks and rain ponchos for those wet days. Our bus tours are fun, safe and full of history! Book privately and we go where other tours buses dont go. I treasure Martha's Vineyard and the history and beauty. Book a tour with us and make it the highlight of your vacation. Thank you for letting me show you where I live, you wont be disappointed.

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