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Here at HomeGrown Tours LLC, we are committed to keeping an eye on the updates and information available from the CDC concerning the COVID-19 virus that has now been determined as a global pandemic. We have taken measures to ensure the safety and health of the community. 


As of current, we have installed hand sanitizer pumps at the front entrance of each bus and will also have sanitizer napkins available.  We have created an extra plan to ensure cleanliness by spraying the seats and open area with sanitizing spray each time customers step off the bus as well as wiping down railings, knobs, and seat arm rests with Clorox disinfecting wipes. 


This may seem excessive, but in regards to the outbreak and fast spread we are hoping that our actions will keep the virus at bay and will hopefully create a comfortable surrounding for our tours…. 


One of our special and unique offers on our tours are the passing around of items that have to do with how we began and continue to live here… with precautions in place, we will not be offering that extra amenity at this time unless of course the COVID-19 virus has taken its course and seems to have vanished. With this hope in mind, please enjoy your tour and know that we will stay on top of the health issues and anything we can do to prevent it from spreading… 


We are praying for those all over the world who are affected by this and hope that we all keep our visitors safe and healthy.  We look forward to seeing everyone and making your tour the highlight of your vacation. 


Thank you all for your support

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