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My Humble Apology

On behalf of HomeGrown Tours, I would like to sincerely apologize and take a moment to express how saddened we are that our customers suffered from our poor performance this past season. Many clients had issues with cancellations and refunds. We realize how frustrating this is and are making every effort to ensure this will never happen again.

To explain: HomeGrown Tours experienced one of our worst years... We were excited to add an extra vehicle to our fleet, which meant we could take more reservations and make more people smile. It also meant we were able to do more transports for wedding guests. Unfortunately, our new vehicle was vandalized on its 2nd day with us and couldn't be repaired until just recently due to limited resources and finding parts were no longer available. This in turn resulted in us having to make cancellations and disappointed a lot of people. We tried our best to "rebook" our clients with other companies and get refunds processed.

One of the companies that sell tickets for us also had issues with refunds. To be Understood: We do not have any payments from the clients until the following month... Thats our payday.... so many refunds were held up by fault of the company that the client booked through, not with us.

I hope this clarifies why refunds took so long....

We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to you that experienced this.

HomeGrown Tours would like to extend our hands and let everyone know that we have revamped our vehicles as well as our booking system to provide the services you expect when booking your tour... We do our best in hopes that your tour will be the highlight of your vacation.

We are pleased to announce that all vehicles are and will be well maintained and serviced to keep our fleet afloat.

We are also so looking forward to creating wonderful and magical memories with you.

Thank you all for your understanding.


Dolores Borza

Owner HomeGrown Tours

If you would like to respond to this, please call 7743278192 and we would love to chat ....

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